Storm Window and Shutter Repair

In Florida, when it rains, it pours! Residents know that when severe weather and hurricane seasons come around, it’s all we can do to protect our homes from whatever Mother Nature throws at us. To do that takes an investment in storm windows and shutters. But these investments could become damaged as they face storm after storm, year after year. East Coast Shutters Inc. is here to help.

We’re the authority not only on storm window and shutter installation, but also when it comes to repair and maintenance. We’re committed to helping you protect your home at all times, against any threat of inclement weather. Trust us to make sure your windows and shutters are up to the task.

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Storm Window Repairs

Are there visible cracks in your window panes? Moisture between the seals? Having trouble opening or closing these windows smoothly? Regardless of the damage, we’re able to help with storm window repair in Brevard County, FL. Whether we installed the windows or someone else put them in, we’ll make sure they get the right attention. When we’re done, your storm windows will be ready for the high winds and torrential rain that hurricane season is sure to bring.

Storm Shutter Repairs

Storm shutters are your first line of defense against inclement weather. But if they’re damaged, your home could suffer the consequences. Call us for shutter repair in Brevard County, FL and make sure they’re in good shape, ready to hold back the elements. We’re equipped to repair a full range of shutter types, including:

  • Accordion-style shutters
  • Bahama-style shutters
  • Clear panels
  • Colonial shutters
  • Roll-down shutters
  • Storm panels
  • Storm screens

From fixing hinges and mounting brackets, to repairing damage to the shutters themselves, to repairs for electronic controls, we’re the all-in-one solution for storm shutter repairs. We’ll make sure your home is ready for the next big storm.

Keeping Your Home Safe

If you’ve made the investment in storm windows and shutters for your Florida home, make sure you’re getting the most from them. Call East Coast Shutters Inc. for window and shutter repair services. We’ll restore the stability and protection capabilities to your storm windows and shutters, so you can face the next storm with confidence. Call us today at 321-752-9912 for more information.